Egypt's Brotherhood funds committee confiscates money of 1,370 members

Sunday 24-01-2016 05:57 PM

CAIRO, Jan. 24 (Aswat Masriya) – The state's committee tasked with managing Muslim Brotherhood funds said Sunday it seized the money of 1,370 Muslim Brotherhood members since it commenced its work in late 2013.

The committee was formed after a decision by an urgent matters court in September 2013, which banned the Brotherhood. 

The court ruling stipulates banning the activities of any association that is branched from the Brotherhood, that was founded by Brotherhood funds, or that receives any form of support from the Brotherhood.  

Head of the committee Khamees Ezzat said, in a two-hour televised press conference, that the committee originally confiscated the money of 1,375 members but the decision was reversed for five members.

The total amount of money confiscated is EGP 154.758 million.

During the press conference, the committee said it found documents at the headquarters of the group related to the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to dissolve the constitutional court and other documents that prove the group leaked confidential documents related to national security.

Egypt launched a severe crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood figures following the military ouster of former president Mohamed Mursi in July 2013.

Egypt listed the group as a terrorist organisation in December 2013 and insists it is behind the wave of militancy which has targeted security personnel since the July 2013 power shift. The Brotherhood continuously denies the accusations.

Ezzat said that the committee confiscated 1,125 associations affiliated with the Brotherhood, adding that the sum of the balances of their bank accounts amounted a little over EGP 20 million. The number of associations confiscated was 1,166 but the seizure of 41 was lifted. 

He added that the committee seized 105 schools, 43 hospitals and two medical associations and their branches. The committee also seized hundreds of cars and acres of land belonging to the Brotherhood.

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